Monday, June 28


Ok, last night out of the anger and grieve for my cubs losing to the WHITE SUX, We decided to go to boat. Little did we know that this gamble would turn sour and fast. While waiting for the 10 dollar tables to dissapear and the 5 dollar tables to appear. I got bored and started gambling. Little did I know that it would be the worst night of my night. As I pull out my money, I see al (the polish punk) go to a more empty table and with him is eric and joe (the spectator). Of course, because I see my friends leaving the table or rather start gambling when I was the only one that wanted to gamble that this time, I join them.

1st bet: craps
2nd bet: craps
3rd bet: craps
(do you see a trend here!!!!!)
4th bet: craps

Me, Al and Eric........Are completely out of money in 2 minutes and some change seconds. This is where we decide to make rules. Before we can make rules we have look at what we want to constraint.

With some and evaluation and we saw a couple things that we normally don't do when we gamble:

1) We brought Joe. Even though this is absolutely, Eric lost 190 dollars, Al lost 90 dollars and I lost 100 dollars every time Joe comes with. Because he is a spectator, it unconsciously puts pressure on all of us to win. To prove in some way that gamble....Is A OK!!!

2) I drove to the casino. This one may be out there, but when I am going with multiple people, I usually don't drive and from now on, I only drive when Im the only one in the car.

3) No Korean music before the big gamble. Do I need explain this?!!!

4) NO empty tables. As much as it is cool to be the only one rolling that dice, you will lose your money faster. You can consider a lonely table like you can consider yourself dipped in blood and thrown into a shark pool. It's not good and you will get bitten.

5) No games before midnight. This may be the most controversial notation of them all because this only dictates the table amount. Before midnight, the amount is usually 10 dollars per table for craps but after midnight, it changes to 5 dollars. Low the table value, the more times you can play and ultimately make better adjustments.


Rule 1: Don't bring Joe unless Joe is actually gambling (no minimum dollar amount is needed)

Rule 2: Tomiya will not drive with a group greater than 1.

Rule 3: No gambling will not be done before the clock strikes midnight unless you are willing the face the effects of your risk.

Rule 4: No Korean Music will be played for amusement prior or after the gambling adventure.

Rule 5: No empty tables will be played upon unless you are willing to take the risk.

Rule 6: No whining for more money. You lose your money, you lose your money. You will not borrow money unless you are willing to take the 10% charge on all winning you can make from that amount borrowed and a 30% interest charge for being an idiot for borrowing more money and losing.

Rule 7: No drinking prior to gambling. If drinking is done, must be done outside of the casino bars.

(optional) Rule 8: Come to lose. You are going to play to lose instead of play to win. This way you won't be too disappointed.

Now go and use these rules and if you break one of the rules, then don't say I didn't warn you.

and you must say "Im a complete (Whatever your ethnicity is) Trash whore of a son to my mother and I should die from a death from killer african ants"

Sunday, June 27


Well...the surprise of the fucking year. The damn cubs lost to that Hotdog. But the pain ends here....because they are not winning another game. The chicago white sox are the lowest pieces of the shits in sports and I hope they move to another city and the montreal expos move in because the expos get more exposure then the damn white sox. Wow won a game...GOOD FOR YOU!!!! You aren't gonna win the central. You aren't gonna with the Wild Card. Give it up. You can't even afford Maggs ...might as well give him to the cubs...Atleast they have a future.


Friday, June 25


CUB NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

game one done....cubs win cubs win and Al....thats five bucks...thank you very much. Game two tommorrow ....Carlos Zembrano versus a hotdog ( actually a triple A player, but you are better off leaving a hotdog on the mound)....CUB NATION!!!!!

Listen Sox fans.....the only real game that you have is the third game. Loiza and Maddux match up and Maddux gives more runs than Loiza, but that may change...CUB NATION!!!!

Thursday, June 24

Circus Act Millenium 2004 !!!! Mega super Kids

Welcome to Circus Act 2004 where todays event evolves super genius kids from asia play music at the age of 3!!! Yes....ladies and gentlemen...3. You know what I did that 3.....I ran into walls. They kids are making music that even adults can't do. It just makes me sick to see that these kids are going to be circus freaks for the rest of their life!!!




Its so Oregon Trail but not.

people: Eric, Joe, Al, Tomiya

Destination: The Casino Boat

Objective: To make money biatch.

Intial amounts: (eric: 40, Joe: zero, Al: 20, Tomiya : 20)

Al joined the table with 20 bucks in his hands and a glimmer of hope in his I lied alittle. He playing but the table was real cold and you couldn't put any streaks together eventually he lost his money and threw down another 20 bucks. For those of you who can't add...thats 40 bucks of total money. He does pretty good wins some here. Okay Now Im going to stop with his side of the story for now and concentrate on me and Eric.

I joined the same table at the same time (maybe 10 minutes late because the fucking dealers thought I was fucking 5 years old, I mean oh know I guess all those people who checked my ID before going into the casino were all wrong and the dealers can pick out those illegal kids who come in for a quickie) Im staying a float for a while, but eric is putting odds behind his bets and that persaudes me. Listen...The one thing I hate is when other poeple win and I don't. It's like a fucking cancer that eats away from my soul and I need to find some way to cure I mimic that winner. So in this case I mimiced eric........So I lose my money. I go to the ATM and pull out 20 more bucks (not to mention I get raped with service atm charges) so my total is now at 40 bucks. I playing and playing and eventually I did reach back up to comepletely even but that eventually changed and I was rather at lingerly at 20 bucks below even.....

Okay.....Now this is Eric's part. Eric is the type of person who plays the pass line. That's a common thing for Crap's players to play and of course he likes to put odds behind the more difficult numbers because of the better payout. There was this guy next to me who play something called the field. For all of you who don't know the's a range of number (2,3,4,8,10,11,12) and if you put money on the field and the next roll of the dice is one of the these put. If it's lose..Simple huh? The probably is about 44% if you want to technical so about 50-50 chance. Eric is watching this guy next to him play the field and winning. (oh by the way, on the field you land on 2, or 12 you get double or triple to payout respectively). Okay ...back to story, so the guy is playing and winning on the field..this excites Eric and he starts playing the field. Bet number one....loss....Bet number two...loss....Bet number 3......WIN. Now I keep telling him not to play the field because you are betting way to fast and even though you can win alot of money, but you can also lose it fast. It's like saying I can one day FUCK BARBIE GIRL..the possibility is there, but also I'll probably won't. Keep this in mind. (Not the barbie girl...the field you stupid moron). So we weren't getting anywhere and eric is losing money so he pulls out another 20 bucks so he's up to 60 bucks...then he pulls 10 more bucks so his grand total for the night is 70 bucks. We aren't getting anything and eric has about 40 bucks in his hand (so he's down 30 bucks total). and then we see one guy playing craps by himself and we join this guy because we really wanted to roll the dice and so we go over there to play. Al joins us and all three of us are play in the table by ourselves....We will learn that this is the worst thing we have ever done LIFE.

Al ------> goes up to 50 bucks profit at one time........LOSES IT ALL

Tomiya -----> loses all the money.....PULLS OUT ANOTHER 60 bucks..(WTF AM I THINKING!!!!!) so my grand total of pulling out money for the day is 100 bucks, but I end up stopping at 40 bucks so I lost only 60 bucks. ( yeah right know what 60 bucks buys you at HB's......FUN!!!)

Eric ----> okay...this is going to long. Eric comes to the table with 40 bucks (the new table i mean)...plays the pass line and the FIELD. Bet 1...loss, bet 2...loss............BET 10 win, 11 win, 12 win...... Long story short...he starts to win and grows confident. Well....he first lost all 40.....pulls out 20 bucks...and then wins all of his money back so he's even for the day and NOW this is where we know there is a GOD and he made sure ERIC would know that. From 80 bucks.....he's makes more frequent visits to the field and he's also rolling the dice. He's got 30 bucks on the pass line (including odds) and he plays the field... 20 dollar bet ....and the ROLL......8. 20 dollar bet and the ROLL..........8 20 dollar bet and the roll..................6. "This is ridiculous....I know it's coming up" says the angry and frustated ERIC 20 dollar and the roll................7. Loses the field bet and loses the passline bet. Eric loses all of his money. Goes to the atm....pulls out 20 bucks. "ok...Im only going to make money til I get back to even"....plays the field....loses all the money faster than I sneezed...LITERALLY. Goes back the ATM pulls out money.....Makes a run, but loses money to....YOU GUESS IT!!!! THE FIELD!!!!. In the end he lost all of his money and Total amount of 140 dollars and in a 3 day span...he loses.....250 dollars.

oh yeah by the way....... me, eric and al are going back to the boat next week because we'll never learn.

this is why it's so OREGON TRAIL..........BUT NOT

Tuesday, June 22

21th BIRTHDAY WEEKEND SPLASH EXTravaGANZA!!!! BlowOut Happiness Joy Fun Cool

this weekend....some poor smuck of a jew celebrated his 21th birthday at a place where the bodies are heavenly and I have to say...that was a sure treat. Especially the fact that birthday fag boy got about 9 dances (1 horrific one and 8 nice ones) and all the alcohol he can drink. So what made this day good for Tomiya? I mean, it seems like Cunt-wad was getting all the fun. Well....this is where I explain....Barbie Girl. See Barbie girl is probably the culmination of everything you ever wanted in a girl. She's HOt....She's Hot...and She's got boobies...that are hot. People don't understand how many fucking times I can't go with my friends to Hb's and hear all the stories about how Barbie Girl enhances their life. Seriously....this isn't some ordinary girl...this is the type of girl that makes you look ar yourself in the mirror say...."I need to change my life and find a way to have this women". Ladies and Gentlemen...She's that hot. So Of course Im going to get a dance from her and it was 15 bucks well spent. Oh and then there this polish chick and my god.....the things she can do. I mean it's not like she's doing something different, but my god.....that is all.

This weekend then kicks off with Gambling. YES, If you are feeling down and need a pick me go gambling. I play Craps and bringing only 20 bucks...I think I did pretty good for myself. But my gambling story doesn't even come close to the 3 other people who came with me on my gambling adventure:

1) Kev......

Kev gets hot and makes a ton of money and then makes Crazy bets and I mean Crazy bets and loses it all. wasn't too bad since he started with 20 bucks. (high moment: 190 bucks) (low point: 0)

2) Eric......

Eric comes in with 40 bucks gets on the same role as makes about 100 bucks...pays the pass line and puts money on 6 and 9, but the table gets cold fast, but his agressiveness didn't die down, but in the end....loses it all. (high moment: +100) (low point: 0...maybe even NEGATIVE)

3) Al.......

Al comes with 20 bucks....makes a killing....about 100 plus. Goes through ups and downs, before he was going to cash out..he was at about 30 bucks or so.....takes that amount and puts it on the pass line. Of course Im like...HOLY SHIT...What da fuck are you doing? ...Here comes the roll.............SEVEN!!!!
makes 30 bucks. Keeps his bet there....Second roll...........SEVEN!!! Keeps his bet there ..........Third Roll............OH MY FUCKING GOD...SEVEN. Keeps his bet there.......WHAT DA FUCK IS GOING ON....SEVEN!!!!! Makes 120 fucking dollars. Cashes out. Talk about Fucking Balls!!! High point (120 bucks) Low point: (15 bucks)

Me...I made 70 bucks......Tomiya 1 0 (high moment: 100) (low point: Yo mama)

Thursday, June 17

Super Babe Challenge Enters Round 2 Begins!!!!!

Finally the challenge contest has reached level three. Some people have submitted some entries and I have to admit, they do beat my original entry so I guess I have to put it up. I'll put up both pictures and let you decide who will be the current champion. I mean why should I have all the voting power, I just should have the most.

Picture number 1: Kev's Entry................ Picture number 2: Joe's Entry

So help me decide. Leave a comment on which one is better.

Tomiya Adventures is heading to the BIG SCREENS!!!!!

That's right boys and girls. Your favorite big boobs hungry action gook is making his mark in hollywood as the Ultimate Action Star. Babes will be crawling to me in no time. Just you wait....this is going to huge!!! Spiderman 2, Shrek 2, Harry whatcha-ma .....consider them Gigli compared to this bad boy. And because you have been loyal tomiya adventure fans, I will be putting a sneak peak of this new blockbuster mega smash hit on our beloved site. So sit back relax and I hope for the love of god that you have Windows Media Player. For all you Apple users out there.........HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA. There might be a solution but it aint my problem....GET A PC!!!!


Wednesday, June 16


Well....I recieved a couple of pictures and I'm going to post them up soon and show you. Even though in my personal opinion, it's not better than mine....I'll still post it up and you guys can choose which one is the hotter pic. I think I should of just shown you guys my best picture and be gone with it. It's just that Im lazy and I don't really want to keep posting damn updates, but since I said so.........I guess I will do it. There will be another update later tonight. Payce!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 14

How Sweet it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night I the ending to one of the greatest things in sports is starting to come true. The Los Angelos Lakers are gonna be out of the playoffs making the Detroit pistons the 2004 NBA CHAMPIONS. It's not like I like the pistons, but I hate the lakers. I hate the lakers with every single bone in my body. I have no clue who I hate more....The New York Yankees or the Los Angelos Lakers. I mean atleast I don't mind watching the New York Yankees, as much as I hate them...they are a good ball club and nobody can say that they aren't. But the Los Angelos Lakers just suck. I mean I hate every single person on that team, I hate the management and I hate every single Lakers fan. And so.....Finally I'm getting what I want; to see the Lakers get knocked out of the playoffs once again and pretty much see a team that will never win another NBA CHAMPIONSHIP with these players. LAKERS BLOW. GO PISTONS. IM OUT.

Thursday, June 10

SUPER BABE CHALLENGE BEGINS.... ROUND 1! we go. I've threw down the gauntlet and it's now your turn to see put down something that can top this.

Now here are rules: Give me the site of where the pic is or email it to If I decide it's a better picture. then I will update the post the with the new picture. That picture will then be replaced once a hotter picture is found. Now here is where you can decide to reverse my decision. If a picture is replaced and you don't like it, just go to the comments sections and/or email and give a shout out. If there is enough complaints....the picture will be reversed to the previous. Winner will recieve a Super Mystery Suprise Gift for winning. So here we go!!!!

Now of course this isn't the hottest picture I found. Why give up my trump cards? But I think this picture is adequate enough to be considered a hot picture. God!!! SHE's SO FINE!!!!! SERIOUSLY....THERE IS NO EXCUSE!!!!!

There is No excuse for How Unbelievably Hot this girl is? Girls like this should never pay for anything in life EVER AGAIN! She looks so tasty!!!!!

Tuesday, June 8


This is some cool shit. I was browsing through the internet and I found this on It's about a guy walking into a building (maybe gang members) and just destroying them into pieces with a gun and samurai sword. So if you like cartoon goriness then give this a shout. It's not bad.

If you have a High end pc, press the Q button in the flash for higher resolution if not...just don't do anything. Low resolution is on default.


Madness Combat 4: Apotheosis (2682 hits)
An ass kicking like no other!!


Thats right!!!! If you're a guy, it is your obligation to watch some sports tonight. It doesn't mean you have to watch the whole game, but I would like you watch atleast 5 minutes worth. If you don't I then know and so does everyone else in this world are gay. We have the NBA FINALS. and Of course if you are a baseball fan...pretty much every baseball team will be playing including my cubs. So Watch something tonight for a change. ITS GOOD FOR YOU.

Also: Babe Challenge will begin in a day or so. The delay is caused because I have been a little busy than usual.


Monday, June 7

Busy Busy Busy

Hey sorry about not updating the site in the past day. These couple of days have been a hard for me to update and site and do other things. Not to mention I was pissed off last night about the fact that I was scheduled to work and there was a conflict in the schedule and I didnt work. I hate it when I'm scheduled to do something and things don't go your way. It's the most annoying feeling the world and I needed to work that day because I kinda needed the money. Also after I found out I couldn't work....someone said the dumbest thing to me and I just out of anger, I couldn't write because I would of said what's on my mind and bad things could happen.

And Al.......I know you are the one putting those comments on my site you damn trailor trash white boy of a friend. You are gay! You are gayer than gay. You makes those midgets on this page look cool. So Die! I hope you die from a pool of African Killer Ants. And by the way.....your blows. Ok...Bye bye VOYTEK!!!!!!!! Good luck in your challenge....HOPE YOU DIE OF OVER EATING. HAHAHAAHAHAHA YA DAMN JEW

Sunday, June 6


Oh man do I have something to show you!!!!! When I was at work yesterday, I found a guidebook on my manager's table and so I picked it up and started laughing. It's a guidebook on how to treat "little people". It's pretty much a book on what accessories midget's have when you go into a hotel room. They have extention sticks, midget robes (called "dwarf robes"), and stepping ladder. This book also giving you directions on how to approach midgets and how not to use "short jokes". This is amazing that I have found this book and it's amazing that they have a midget guide book.


Here's page 2 and 3.

The best part is hands down the section on "understanding dwarfism". I mean THERE IS A TERM NOW??!!!! That is crazy. First they were called midgets then the PI thing is "little people" and now its dwarfism. Why don't you fucking call them hobbits from now on. WOW....this is just truly unbelievable.

Friday, June 4

I am at work......GOD HELP ME!!!!!!!

I'm at work right now and it's a strange time to be at work. Normally work is fine, even though from time to time I am overly frustrated and annoyed with the people I encounter at work (I mean the customers), but nothing too bad. What's really bothering me at work is that one of my managers is in one of the room trying to get her damn network setting off and running on her laptop. So I can't bust out my Laptop and do my own stuff. First off, I offered to fix the damn thing another time and I would give her my pc card I used to use when I had this Shitty laptop. But she's still trying to get it to work by herself and it's taking her like 80 hours because she's doing the whole thing by dial up. What is up with that? That is MEGA GAY! I should of just done it for her in like 10 seconds. thats is why I can't update my site with normal weird stuff or with stuff about hot chicks.

Oh's going to be Al's birthday on Monday or Tuesday? I don't know...that damn jew can't make up this damn mind. But anywayz...He turns 21 that means he is legally allowed to drink. What does that mean? It means he's going to get a taste of "HOT BITCH" Oh yeah I can't wait...I need to sneak a video camera in to the place so I can broadcast "hot bitch" to the world. Oh ...if you are curious who this "hot bitch" is......imagine a dog....with a wig on. That's "hot bitch". Well....actually "hot bitch" is this 45 year old asian dancer who thinks she's the hottest women in the world when actually she makes everyone barf and she thinks that arm pits are a big turn on for of my buddies experience an arm pit greeting....LOL!!! can't explain how that must felt. I guess it's just the demographic...maybe some guys are into that. As for me?...Im into that Next door nikki girl. Seriously...can you find a hotter chick? The fact that she looks like your next door neighbor is what makes her hot because then the reality of you actually boning a normal person like that sinks it.

I think one guy quote something really funny about next door nikki: "If I was a tenacle monster, I would fuck her in every orface at the same time"

I think this quote just sums up how hot she really is or how really fucked up the quote is, but when I read it...I was on the ground laughing. But, we are getting away from the subject at hand. I am DAMN work and I can't talk to my friends online or do other things. Im stuck on this damn Work computer which blows chunks and is slow as hell. What a waste of time. What the hell am I going to do for 8 hours? Work?.....I work at know how many customers I 5. Well....Im out!

Oh Btw....if you guys have any ideas or suggestions to tomiya adventures. Email them to tomiya_adventures Or if you want to send in a Hot Chick pic for that Babe Challenge go right ahead. I did tell you that whoever gets a better picture than the other posted as best will recieve a prize....NO JOKE....its a mystery special super that should get your heart pumping.



Introducing....ROBO COP?

In the upcoming future there might be a change in law enforcement with the advent of Robotics. Introducing....the Tetra Vaal Robot. Fully armed and capable of kicking the living crap out of you and since its made of machine, there's no point in shooting back. It can't feel pain, it has no emotions. It's just designed to kick your ass. Or is this photo real? Well, that is up to you to decide. Watch the demo below and decide for yourself if the footage is realistic or just a example of technical advancements in computer graphics.



TETRA VAAL VIDEO (20159 hits)
TETRA VAAL VIDEO (quicktime Mov)!!

Thursday, June 3

Coming Soon! Queen of All Babes Challenge!

Monday will mark the one week aniversary of the tomiya adventures and I feel the viewers can make an impact in one area of the show if they choose to. I will put a picture of a super hot babe up. Now if you know of a hotter babe, then you can submit it to the site's email address or leave the address in the comment area. If I think you have a better picture it will be replaced and put on the site. No super hardcore stuff....I don't need some random 8 yr old kid browsing the net and seeing a girl get quadruple by her brothers or something. Keep it PG-13 or R...No MEGA XXX

Who Shall Win?

I have not decided to make this a weekly thing or just this one time. We'll have to see. More info later.


Today, I am going encounter something I don't usually do.....I'm mowing the freaking lawn. If you can account that for the past 2 weeks, the chicagoland area was anything but sunny. It rained and it rained and it rained....thus, the grass is pretty much up to my knees if I don't cut the damn grass.....Let's say Im screwed. There are some problems that I'm having with this TEMPLE of GRASS adventure...first mower seems to have a dull blade. I kicked the machine atleast a couple of times because of anger and not to mention I have the Sun coming down on me and I'm one lazy dude and I don't wanna do it. I don't get any satisfaction or reward for doing this horrific duty. I don't get any food, or money or some hot ass 34C beautiful naked women waiting for me in the shower.

preferably the girl showed below:

"Thank You....GOD"

This is pretty much the girl I need to marry. Imagine...Just imagine waking up and seeing that on the couch. I think my life would be complete and I could die a happy man right there and then. Only thing better is her in a school girl outfit.

oh wait.....This will do:

"oh Tomiya!!!!, You have conquered the TEMPLE OF GRASS!!!! Devour me!!!"

Oh...its times like this I wish I was a BILLIONAIRE.

Wednesday, June 2


Challenge: Eat 100 WENDY's Chicken Mcnuggets in 1 hour

Prize: 100 dollars, .50 per nugget from Kevin

Meet the Contestant:

Name: Albert aka VoyTek
Age: 21
Location: Chicago
Occupation: ART.....PFFT

Al aka Voytek

Meet The challengers:

Name: Kevin
Age: 23
Location Chicago
Occupation: Mail man


Name: Nick
Age: 23
Location: Chicago
Occupation: ...Stuff


In a week or so, Al will attempt to eat 100 nuggets in one hour (puking is ok). His prize will be 100 dollars from Nick and 50 bucks from Kev. This is truly an example of what people will do for money. The best part of the all this that Al will be eating (more like stuffing his face) nuggets at the Wendy's restaurant at the busiest time. The GOAL: COMPLETE UTTER HUMILIATION.
Pictures and Maybe Video of the Challenge will be posted as soon as the challenge is done.

100 Wendy's Chicken Nuggets 8000 CALORIES or TOTAL FAT INTAKE OF 1 POUND

(note: All rules and prize money value can change. Any changes will be updated upon notice)

Super Mario like you have never seen!!!

Flash has been something thats been pretty popular for those in computer animation and for many internet users....its a way of expression. Some can say it's today's avante garde. These few people have found ways of expression that they cannot express with in motion pictures mainly because of money. One ART BOY a found way to express himself through a video game mascot who has been around for the past two decades...MARIO!!! Watch mario now and be ever amazed and wonder no more...Mario will kick your ass too.

super mario indeed

Super Mario Reloaded (20159 hits)
Watch and be AMAZED!!

Commander Bush and the Last Crusade.

New Box Office movie starring our noble (yeah..right) leader...George W. Bush. This movie is still pending on a release date but until then watch the trailer.

Commander Bush's Last Crusade



RUMOR has it the John Kerry is going to gain super powers and fight Bush for Ultimate Supremacy. BATTLE OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!! Stay Tuned for more Info

Tuesday, June 1

OUR NEW HERO?!! Condom Man?

He's durable, he's tough....he's gotten you out of that bind 9 out of 10 times. He's condom man. Actually ...nobody knows what this is suppose to be. Found in a all you can eat japanese buffet in woodfield mall in schaumburg, il. Its the mascot of the TODAI! (the name of the restaurant). What really gets me is ...the fact that it looks like a giant condom. It even has that reservior tip which really makes me believe that this japanese buffet is a secret place where condoms are made..........DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! or the fortress of the solitude for our lonely sperm fighter.

Hope condom man comes and saves you during tough times. Maybe he'll team up with wonder pill.


You are witnessing the craziest thing to happen to man-kind since.....the toaster. Is this an accident? Is there a purpose to this madness where animal crackers need to start mating for the sake of their survival. Who eats animal crackers anyway? Hey if i see more stuff like this in the future...I'll buy truck loads of the happy goo. I think this could be a start. If this kind of behavior is accepted then animal cracker company is going to move on to bigger and better things. star crackers!!!! Eat your favorite porno action stars in their favorite positions!!!!! NOW IN CHOCOLATE FAVOR!!!!

Lindsay Lohan's HUGE cans!!!!

Since Tomiya wants to talk about boobs today....lets talk about Lindsay Lohan's Boobs. This Hot and volumptous young women has been springing up lately on television and in motion picture and THANK GOD. What's really funny is that her acting career aint gonna go anywhere without her boobs. Those precious cushions are the stepping stone she's gonna need to a good career in movies (Porno or Non). It sure isnt gonna be her intellect nor will be her acting thats gonna take her far. And you know what....more power to ya. I say if you need to use your body to get some hook ups and "influence a couple people" then ITS YOUR AMERICAN DUTY to do so. With girls like Lindsay Lohan and her wonderful boobs, the world would be a smaller place where OMISH girls rule the land....and we dont want that now.

SHES HOT and more importantly.....she turns 18 on july 2. Early B-day present to me....I think so !!!!!!!! Not to mention her cans are plump and juicy. This is the future. Enjoy it in whatever way you choose.

Oh and one more thing....if you have ever or know someone that has tapped that.....CLAP CLAP CLAP. You need to be on a poster or something.

here's a clip where she shows off her talents and I dont mean acting.

LINDSAY LOHAN ....GOOD JOB....JUST RIGHT....... Nice and Juicy