Saturday, January 22

Tomiya Player of the Week!!!

This guy deserves all the credit in the world. Let's look at this picture more closely, shall we? The burger....located in Pennsylvania and considered to be the biggest burger ever made. This is a 11 pound burger comprised of 6 pounds of meat, and 5 pounds of added material including 2 whole tomates and 1/2 of a lettuce head. Mix this with 1 cup of tomato sauce, 1 cup of mustard and 1 cup of mayo. That is one ridiculous burger.

Also.... The guy is wearing a football helmet. I mean that speaks for himself. On the table, you see 3 pitchers of water, and an ENTIRE PAPER towel Roll.


Thursday, January 6

Asian Babe of the Week.....Reon Kadena

Usually I don't do this....well...yes I do. Im on my hands and knees kissing the ground they walk on. Who are they? Beautiful Women! Thats right. The people everyone cares about.....they get what they want because they deserve what they want. Enough about that silly non-sense that Beauty comes from inside. Thats just a bunch of total bull shit designed by ugly insecure mother fuckers.

I like asian girls....
I like asian boobies....
I lise big boobies (which are hard for find)

when you combine those and at a cute get REON KADENA aka my world and what I fight for in LIFE.

Enjoy her pics. If you like them...THAT much...Ill put more.

Saturday, January 1

Happy Holidays and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

The Tomiya Nation Staff would like give a you warm happy new year. For Tomiya Nation, it's been a grow, but next year brings shit that will put year 1 to shame. So....get drunk, have some good ass sex (masterbastion does not count), puke on one of your friends so you can ruin his/her night and of course anything tomiya worthy needs to be recorded and put on this site for the world to see.