Wednesday, August 31

Nani Nani <----- Kill Bill Action Dare 2k5!

Okay, This is what I want YOU to do. If you don't do it. You're a big whimp and you deserved to live in a boat in the middle of the indian ocean in 7 eskomos that are blind, 5 legged and can only speak the worse language you despise. Not to mention they smell like a booger thats been in between your unwashed sweaty toes for about 7 years.

Okay so whats the dare! You have to say a Kill Bill qoute in the real world to a person you don't know and you have to say so it makes sense.

These are the quotes you can choose, (JAPANESE OR ENGLISH)

If you want to do the japanese version, you have to watch the movie. Im not typing it you big whiners.


"SAKE!!!!??? the middle of the day?"

"Nani Nani"

When the general of the crazy 88's goes............"ROAR!!!" when walking in the room.

if you have other quotes feel free the express them, but don't just express them...Do them! Don't be a pussy that tells people what to do, but doesn't even do it for himself/herself!



Sunday, August 28

The coolest MP3 Player..........EVAAAA!

I was just randomly searching on the internet (Like I have anything else better to do..Cough Cough...find job Cough Cough =) ) . But I ran into was is probably the coolest gadget of the month. Its called..

mobiBLU 1 GB Cube Digital Audio Player to the details. What makes this Mp3 player so hawwwttt! Its a about the size of a quarter.
I mean even Voytek was like...Uh...Sooooo sexy.....un....Soooo cool.
I mean I know every freaking human being has an Ipod and I know they rock. But 1 Gb can hold a good amount of Mp3's and I think that is worth the price. Even though I have a psp with a 1gig card already.

Here are some more pics:

(All Pics from <------------ Walmart, YOU ROCK!!!! :=) )

Thursday, August 25

Apparently...people annoyed. Um....I guess I start posting more because people are "bored".

I didn't know people check this site. Well..if thats the case:


The sequel to Badgers...probably the single greatest flash ever created.


Also, My friend Kev found this site. Its beyond weird but it deserves to be put on this site.

Weirdest Site on the Planet!