Saturday, December 11

I think im going to start carrying a GUN!!!!


so I am at work. It's 5:40 am and Im getting ready to go home. The sun has not come out yet and nobody has called in 4 hours. I get this phone call, and right away...its some guy asking questions. His voice is calm and the questions involve pampering and luxury. His first question was "Do you think white were being pampered and was this country in terms of others countries being more pampered" "If so, do you think this will lead to dominance of one race to another"

The questions were actually pretty interested as it involved ethnic capacity and if evolution will extinct one race because of mental and physical capacity. He kept on using the word "overwelmed". Asking me questions about if men watching females and females watching males and then more questions about if one ethnic group will be eventually enslaved or put captive or experimented...etc etc. And I can tell it was a survey, but some of the next questions involved my answer. For example: He asked me that will one ethnic group be extinct through evolution. And my reply was I don't think natural selection i.e. DARWINISM will natural take form because of the type of society we have obtain and thus because of equality in all ethnic groups and with the united states being a good example of ethnic equally, I don't see darwism taking form and eliminating one ethnic group.


I started to worry and I am answering these questions, all I am thinking is ....OMG...IM GOING TO DIE. I NEED TO BUY A GUN....NOW!!! at point one, he asks me of what I think of this survery and then he proceeds to ask more questions.

The phone rings and Im like "hold on" and I do my shit and when I come back...He hung up. Im starting to feel like I might be in a real-life version of "SAW". And from all those questions, I just felt like...OMG...He is going to put me in a cage and make me extinct and prove me wrong.