Thursday, September 29

Game Boy damaged in Gulf War

Game Boy damaged in Gulf War
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Game Boy damaged in Gulf War
Originally uploaded by Plaid Ninja.

"This Gameboy was Damaged When barracks were bombed during the 1990-1991 Gulf War. It Still Works!!!"

Who's in there?

Who's in there?
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That is the coolest cigarette lighter every made!!! Seriously!!....there is a figurine inside the lighter.


Wednesday, September 28


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This what I am talking about. I am browing around the web and I find this picture. I love japanese food, but more importantly, I LOVE SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!

God its making so hungry right now just thinking about it.


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I am just testing my photo site. This is going to be my new blogger picture archive page plus personal pictures. But Im testing it out with this HOT picture of the RSR model from the 2004 drift festival. This girl is so hot that this picture is not doing her justice. She is THAT HOT!!!

Monday, September 26!!!

Hey, It could be a possibility. As Im deciding on the direction for my friends picture site called "TOMIYA WORLD". But Tomiya Nation just might become apart of .... I don't know if this a wise decision. Just a thought.

GOD....I need to think of stuff to post. Im fucking boring as hell!!!

Wednesday, September 21


If you don't know what that're a big loser. j/k. It just means you have to .........HAVE TO watch bleach. This anime that kicks total butt. Im on episode 49 now, with weekly episodes but my thirst is sooo much greater. They need to hire more people and have them put out a show EVERY SECOND. Then maybe will my thirst be quench. Can this show dethrone Naruto?... Maybe...its got so much potential and there are NOOO FLAASSSSH BACKS........woot woot.

As you can see, I did JACK-SHIT over the weekend. I also had a chance to watch what I think is the greatest movie of ALL-TIME. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. If you played Final Fantasy 7 and are a huge fan, then you must watch this movie. It is everything you have hoped for. So Unbelievable. Im actually playing through Final fantasy 7 right now. Its that good of a movie.


Friday, September 16

Tomiya is sick as a dawg.

Giving notice to all you Tomiya Nations Fans Out there. Im freaking Sick. So....I don't want to update this again til probably monday or tuesday. I never get sick so this is so rare, I have no clue what I have...but Im very fatigued. I am going to spending alot of time getting my pictures web-page ready for someone so...I have no clue how much time that will take up.

**note: Omg!...i was just watching the Today Show on Tv and I see this HOT...HOT!!! ...SUPER HOT girl. Its Maria "something" ...omg she's from entertainment tonight on vh1. Soooooo Hot. I guess she is moving up. Atleast my news will have some eye candy now. =) HOT TAMALES!

Wednesday, September 14

Ipod nano attempt............FAILED!

So, I went into the apple store. Normally, I don't have money to buy anything. Im really just living month to month =). (How sad my life has become). But this month have actually a ton. I don't know how, but I guess haven't been going out so I want to spend some of it; not all of it. Ipod Nano only holds 4Gb but I thought to myself that should be enough. After like 40 minutes of thinking and looking around, I finally said yes to the ipod nano.

.....................but it sold out. All 4Gb black / while Ipod nanos are sold out.


Tuesday, September 6

A subway smack in your mouth.

I just spent 8.99 at subway today.


Saturday, September 3

Super Saturday with 2 doses of Bored !!!!!

ok, Im sitting here in my house and I have NOTHING to do. Im sitting on my bed and watching TNT. Can't you tell Im having a Super Saturday. But anyways, this blogger post is actually quite interesting.

I saw the aristocrats and the only thing I wanted to watch afterwards was a BOB SAGET standup. Seriously....people don't know what this guy is capable of. They hear rumors..but oh they don't know.

But anyways, I was searching on google "bob saget stand up" I don't get what I want but I found this instead.

WOW~~~!!!!!!!, JUST...........WOW

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