Thursday, July 28

OMG my first blog using my PSP!!

They really need to make a keboard. This is taking so long. LOL

Monday, July 25

10,000 hits and still coming!!!!

its been more than a year since this blogger opened up and its at 10,000 OMG!!! PARTY 2k5!!!!

Where are my sponsors at?

FUCK! I messed up

....wrong blogger.....I cant believe I post THAT on the wrong site.

Sunday, July 24

Charlie and the "omg what a ridiculous" chocolate factory.

I just saw this movie and I told myself I wouldn't watch. Only because everyone should know this movie. I mean yeah they did a remake and not everything is the same. The only part I did enjoy was when they weren't in the factory. The oom-pul-lumpas were ridiculously overused and the whole essence of chocolate was dumb.

I wanted to see wedding crashers, but oh well...I was going to watch this movie either way. Its done and I move forward.

Oh ...yeah...also...all the kids...I don't know why, but their faces looked way too polished.

Tuesday, July 12

GOOGLE EARTH is one of the coolest things I have seen in a while...

OMG!! I thought Google Maps Satellite was awesome. Google Earth is freaking 100x better that Google maps. You have you're own WORLD MAP in front of you. You can just click paris and find every lodging, every restaurant, every bank, every detail of the location. I just did some test runs and its fast and SUPER QUICK.

The only beef is that they recommend a high p4 with 512 mb of ram (i recommend that amount too because the programs takes up 125mb of your ram) with a good video card at 32mb min.

Luckily for me, my 3 year old computer is still running strong at 1.7 ghz p4, 1Gb of ram and 64mb Ati Radeon card.

Friday, July 8


freaking A, even though I should learn the hard why and use HTML to write for this blogger. I found out that all the pictures on my photobucket account can be transfered to this blogger with seamless integration. Even though it takes like seriously 2 minutes more to do it the other way, this was totally rocks. I think Im going to need to make another photobucket account. I haven't decided yet. But this is ssssssssssooo Cool. !!!!!!

yeah yeah...i know......Im a dork, but I am president of Tomiya Nation. What I say, GOES!