Sunday, November 19


This has got the be the greatest gaming weekend of all time. You have this ridiculous Playstation 3 launch which I was able to get myself one through a GAMESPOT pre-order. I didn't miss out on all the camping because I was able to help a few friends out and get a ps3 for them.

Then I had a chance to play resistance began to see everything playstation again. The ps3 unit is just plain awesome, probably the most well designed unit in history. Its just a very very good built and it just looks quality. better be for 600 freakin dollars.

The playstation 3 was not the only launch this weekend to get excited about because NINTENDO launched their console and it totally rocks. I wish I got one but 1/2 aint bad. Freaking there were so many people lined up for the wii, the only way to get one was to camp out. THe good news is that you didn't have to spend 24 plus hours to get a Wii but you needed to wake up pretty damn early. The other good news is that Nintendo is launching another 2 million systems so I shall play my favorite game re-incarnated into a sequel: ZELDAL TWILIGHT PRINCESS

Also, we are not done yet. I mean there is so much to play this weekend. We got Gears of War which is totally sick. Absolutely sick game. You have Resistance Fall of Man, you got some awesome demos from playstation including Motorstorm.

and oh yeah...I still have final fantasy 12 to play.




At 3:24 PM, Blogger paulkimchee said...

yes, what a weekend.

have fun :)


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