Tuesday, May 24

I want,.............I need..............I would Kill for an IPOD! Que? bueno?


One of my buddies got an Ipod and an Ipod-mini for his soon to be ONE!!! I wish I had the money to buy an ipod. Only in time right? Yeah...that 30GB ipod w/ color screen is so tight dude. I could put some wierd ass music and whenever I ever wanted to listen to my wierd ass music........I would. Like...THE LIFE AQUATIC sountrack.........that shit is the tits dude........FO SHO!!!!!!

With an Ipod, combined with my PSP..............I could rule the world. Hot babes would come to my calling and I would be the MOST POWERFUL MAN in existence. The only thing I would need after an IPOD is an EVO.

Once you get the money, you get the Ipod.
Once you get the Ipod, you get the power.
Once you get the power, you get the women.
Once you get the women, your life as you know has meaning.

Then you get the EVO!!! Eh? cabron!!!

Thursday, May 19

Water + Hot women = MY LIFE!!!

Working at the desk.....its 4:30am and Pouring out side. These 2 girls come all the way from wisconsin. Super Hot and Super wet. I couldn't stop starting at this one girls shirt since it was beyond wet and I can see the water come down to her boobies. It woke me up and Im happy.

I can die now.

Monday, May 16


I had this poker tournament today at this person's house. 1o buy-ins at 10 dollars a piece. so Do the math. That's some hot shit, you know!?? Fucking with that kind of dough you would can be banking.....bitch and hoes all the day the east side funk...you know?


I did okay. I was kicking ass in the beginning then my friend Will was kicking my ass and then kicked some of his ass. We had to break into 2 tables because of the amount of people. I ended getting to the final table to lose in a ALL-IN BET when I had a straight flop and my opponent, Pinky, had a fucking 4 of a kind.

Well, this is way I wanted to lose. Even though I lost, I got bitch slapped so bad by those 4 of kinds that it felt great. Hey! out of 10 people I was 4 th place man and thats saying something.

What? What? You want to take me on too bitch!!!!!? Bring it. Take all you motherfuckers down!

Im a ninja. Im out

Saturday, May 14

Alot of shit has happen in the past 3 weeks....

Tomiya hasn't really been doing anything special in the past 3 weeks that is worthy of making a blogger. Let's see...

1) my car died....yep. Genine (my green galant is DEAD). When not quite dead. The distributor is fuck so bad that it would cost me 1200 dollars to fix it. Is it really worth fixing? That car had 189,000 miles on it. But what makes it worse is that I HAVE to drive the stupid maxima car now. This stupid car that I signed for has become the worth thing I have ever seen in my life. Not only do I have to drive it, but every time I enter this car I see all my dreams being flushed down the toilet.

2) I couldn't start my other job. The job that is banking me money, I couldn't do any work this week because of my bad luck and bad schedule from my other job.

3) Not since the days of Grenda does someone finally hate my guts. ( note: this is not a good thing). Maybe even worse than Grenda, I think she would love to see me burn to death, but thats just my opinion.

4) My life sucks

Literally, ....i mean I am destined to have the worse life that ever walked this planet. and this will make me famous.

at least I have Naruto.....right?