Sunday, August 29

Wrigley I miss thee. Boobs / I miss thee

I was gonna talk about how awesome this game was and hot fucking hot this one girl looked in stands and how this one other girl outside of the stadium was sooo fucking hot that I wanted to do naughty things to do her. But Im too damn tired and you never know what tomorrow maybe bring. It could very well be a initial d marathon day...maybe just maybe. What's initial d.....thats like saying...what are boobs? You little panzy ass motherfucker. I want you go to out and find some girl and even though you know this girl is super hot and you have no fucking chance to get her...just try. I mean try use the cheesiest line ever made or whatever...I DONT CARE HOW..just try and get her and then you grab her boobies. All that work you have put forth (the chase) and all the pleasure you have experience with touching those boobs (the catch) like one race from initial d. I going to watch 5 races, what are you gonna do? work? is old school. Laziness is the "new pink"........... biatch!!!!!


here are some more pics:

Bunch of pics from the game

Tomiya has been revived from the death. for not like posting for like a week. For all you Tomiya fans out there....Tomiya is alive and well. And for all you hot ladies out there with a nice ass and good still down for a little wassup wassup.

Well...let me just say its been a pretty fucking crazy week. And the reason why I haven't been updating my blogger is because I have been watching Initial D every week in honor of the release of Episode 5th and 6th (which are by far the pinnacle of the show so far). Also I did go to another cubs game and Ill mention that in another post. Plus I have been spending alot of time looking for a new car...and I have my eyes set on one baby...the EVO. the meantime...YATTA!!!!


Wednesday, August 18

My first Cubs game of the year.

Because of the all of sudden jump in bandwagon fans for the chicago cubs, I was unable to get a season ticket to watch a game at Wrigley Field so I did the next best a cubs game at Miller Park, Home of the Brewers. First off...let me say that 67% of the 41,000 people who attended were cub fans which is completely nuts. But though the game wasn't won by the cubs because of the umps and.....sosa, you did eat pretty damn well. The only thing that really sux is that the hot girls in miller park were few and far compared to U.S. Cellular or Wrigley Field.




What also sucked is that when we were leaving, I took a nap and when I woke up we didn't MOVE AN INCH...LITERALY!!! for about 45 minutes Me, Al and Eric and the Lancer didn't move an inch and Al had to turn his car off to save gas. Since about 20,000 people were cub fans...wonder where they are heading back to? CHICAGO!!! so the traffic is god awful. Once it finally got good to drive, we ended up at this gas station and this was just plain wierd...THERE WAS NOBODY THERE. I didn't say the gas station was closed, I said there was nobody if you need to pay by were pretty much fucked. I just saw a sign saying "I'll be back at 6:00 am"....THESE WISCONSONITES !!! wow!!


Monday, August 16

Tomiya and VoyTek go to White Castle

I went to go and watch 'Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle' for the second time because the movie rules. I know people have their doubts about the movie because it was made by the same people that made "Dude Where's my Car?", but don't worry for you shall get redemption. I mean if IGN gives this movie 31/2 stars out of 5 and anchorman gets 4 should take the opportunity and watch this movie. Better yet...If you watch a shitty ass movie like "the village" you have to watch this movie no matter what.

But anyways...Im getting off the after the movie, me and al are like "dude white castle sounds pretty good right now". So we went to the nearest White castle and spent 15 dollars on food. 15 that possible at White Castle.

The total figures were 8 cheeseburgers, 2 chicken sandwitches, 1 jalepeno sandwitch and 1 fish sandwitch and 2 drinks.



For some reason...this was the greatest white castle meal EVER!!!

Saturday, August 14


...everyone was drunk....i mean everyone.

you have drunk ass, white hen pantry, streaking and a blogger.

you make this:

i tom lee is writing to myself because i want to know how drunk im am ....dude im so drunk that i don't know what i am doing right now. im with anthony, tim, ana, liezl and myself and i dont know what i am \wirting i just know i have to take a shot right now......

i just imaginarylirty snowboarding

see how loud i am and nobody is bitching.....holla!

this is tim...i am drunk as fuk with some best friends of mine....long live tyson!!!! i dont know what we're yelling about!!!!!!!lapdance lapdance. tom; HOLLA...

TOM: holla visit ....holla

its me again......if rude...holla holla holla holla holla holla holla holla holla holla holla holla holla holla holla ...word.

al....kev......and you are so so drunk and holla.....why am i drink ing right now ..;.tim so right...i went the laundry room holla..

dude flash is a rudimentalry term...HGOLLLAQ

thast right bitch

im hot!!

girls know ....they want the to,miya COCKAGE

HOLLA...yoy dont eve know the half tof it it it HOLLA

Liezl: THere is so much sin going on right now =X

peoplethink hate blabcvk k[ep[p;e jhp;;a

imout ]


i also noticed i kept talking to my voice mail and one of voice messages i ramble on for like 10 minutes and say holla at least 57 times and so i will put those up later.
oh yeah

al by the way...i still have your voice message of you guys being all drunk on my phone so thats going up as well.

oh later.

Sunday, August 8

Leave me alone...I need to take a dump.

So there am I am at the hotel, sitting in the back chilling and Im like " stomach is crapping up...must be those 7-11 poor boy subs and nachos". So Im getting ready to go to the bathroom when all of sudden these 2 girls come to the front desk and they are like:

Lady: " okay....Im lost. Can you help us out and find where we are staying"

and all Im thinking is....get lost, go screw some guy you whore. I need to go the bathroom bad!! and so im like "fine!!!"

and these are clues they gave me:

1) they had a marriott hotels and resorts room card
2) their room is on the 7th floor.
3) something about deerfield rd.

okay..right off the bat, I call the nearest hotel...the marriott resort and of course they don't have her on file. So Im like okay....listen.

It can't be a courtyard because we dont have any keys that have the marriot resorts and hotels room card and you can cancel EVERY HOTEL IN THE WORLD thats a courtyard. And all the courtyard within a 15 mile radius go up the third floor which then just salidifies my reason.

and so I say " was your hotel near a highway"
they say " yes ".
and I said "There only one hotel that matches everything you said and thats the deerfield suites which is a marriott property, its the ONLY HOTEL THATS 8 stories within a block radius 10 miles and you said something about deerfield.

and they are like " can't be...thats impossible. I heard it was on Deerfield Rd. " and All im thinking in my head fucking bitch, are you seriously that dumb. I mean you are seriously only good for fucking and leaving on the side. And so for like 15 minutes Im telling these ladies to go there and that I bet my fucking dick and left nut that this is your hotel and they still woudn't go. For God asked for my help...I helped you, I need to take the biggest dump EVER!!! and this whore is keeping me from my objective. And finally...they believed me when I called that hotel and verified multiple people staying there.

NEXT TIME YOU FUCKING DOUBLE ANAL DOUBLE VAGINA WHORES go to a hotel and forget what hotel you are staying, I won't give a shit and you better find some lonely homeless guy to fuck so you can sleep in this cardboard box.

Luckily.....I they left, I took my dump....The world is in order.

Thursday, August 5

I hate HICKS!!!!

Seriously....if they have no purpose in life. These 2 hicks come in to check in and they are by way the dumbest people I have ever seen. They are like " YEEEE HAAAAHH BILLY BOB, where is the jon, I have to go and take a leaker" And im like " GOD SHOOT ME ...SHOOT ME NOW!!!!"

2 words...NUCLEAR, ALABAMA. What a wonderful site that could be....99% of all hicks gone.

Tuesday, August 3


Im so sick and tired of waiting and Im sick and tired at looking at jobs at and other places all day long. I just want a job and start getting to work. I hate the hotel and I hate these customers. I just want to do something that I don't know.........I WENT TO SCHOOL FOR!!!!! God...please...I won't be lazy anymore, my vacation is done and I want to start my career. I need a job bad!!!!!

Sunday, August 1


okay...seriously.....I hate how there are wedding parties at hotels and what sucks even more is that this stupid god damn hotel promotes these parties but doesn't allow noise in the hotel. Doesn't that defeat the reason for having a wedding party all checking in to the hotel. I mean I do I go the hotdog stand to order ribeye steaks....I mean CMON!!!! Why am I so mad? Because Im sick and tired of the noise complaints that I keep getting week in and week out...Just shup the fuck up you stupid dumb whore!!!!! Fucking I can sleep through can you!!! so Fuck off.