Sunday, November 28

Um......Does anyone think Turkey is over-rated?

.....What would you rather have?


The side items when eating Thanksgiving....


or something else....

Because I think Turkey is truly beyond over-rated and maybe because I have had some dry ass turkey in my life. I think I would have the Side Items over all things.

You can completely tell Im Bored as Shit.

Tuesday, November 9

I, TOMIYA CHALLENGE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay....I like to go this ESPN message board forum called SportsNation. We'll for the past 2 months, these message boards have been flooded and flooded with topics about NON-SPORTS issue. More important, about the election that just happen a week ago. It was getting nuts so on election day I wrote a topic called: "THANK GOD"

Thank GOD:

Thank God that after this election is over, All you fuckers that fucking go to these fucking boards will finally leave. This is a fucking Baseball message board, you stupid Fucking jag offs.

Fuck Off

I got banned and the name Dammit cubs is No more. So I have been making new names on the message boards and just writing shit to piss off the moderators that got me banned. All I want to do is make their life just a little bit horrible.

This is an example of some stuff that I wrote.

Original Message ( Posted:Nov 07, 2004 04:44 AM ) Posted by: ESPNblowsmycock

Yeah..that's right bitches. You can't kick me out, forever am I apart of these message boards you fucking jag offs. before you fucks start ***king ruining my fun. I just want to mention how much you and your dirty family blow. I mean seriously.....Let's start by talking about your sister.....what are whore she. Just yesterday...wasn't she the one who was anally triple fisted while shoving 4 cocks into her mouth and then getting rammed by 5 more guys. Seriously you need to fucking help her out. It's not like your mom is any better. seriously, No wonder your sis is a dirty w****. Man does she love the Cock and all that cum in her mouth. And what is up with her fucking farm animals. What sick family are you trying to raise? You pretty much have no hope for your dirty ass w**** of a wife and childs since this dirty shit runs in the blood lines. Might as well....just give and face it. your family is nothing much a bunch of duck butter loving fucks.

So this is my challenge to you and it's more of a contest and Kevin, Al, Nick, Eric.......THIS IS TIME FOR YOU TO SHINE!!!!. The winner will get 20 bucks from me, but this contest is not limited to just you guys, I will be giving this challenge to anyone who dares wants to take.

1) I want you to write the most volgur shit you have ever thought of. I mean horrible shit. Shit where I will say..."OMFG!!!!! YOU ARE GOING TO HELL!!! RIGHT NOW!!!" Now the shit you write has to be directed towards the ESPN MLB message boards moderators/ADMINS.

You can post them on this site so everyone can see them in the comments section. The challenge/competition is based on a points system. Of course you will get more points for writing the most horrible shit ever made, but you will also get points for signing up to espn message boards site:

Sign up and all you need to do is make a name...any will need to give an address so just pick a random company's address and a random email because email conformation is not done. Then I want you to take your master piece and spread it all over the MLB directory boards or the MLB general boards. Pretty much...I want your name to be Banned and I want the moderators to get fucking completely pissed off each and every day.

Also you get more points if other people in the message boards reply. If your wrote a message on the boards. just tell me where I can find it and if I see a OMG or LOL or something like that where the people on the site are completely speechless get more points. The reason why i want you to do that is....I want like a hundred people to plaque this site and make the moderator have the take the time as banned each and every post. That post i wrote up on top, I spread that over 31 different MLB TEAM sites at espn. He probably took some time to ban my name and look for all those posts. This is what I want I want him for Suffer!!!

If you are confused on what to do, I will explain it in full detail if alot of complain. If you don't want to post it on ESPN message boards, just post it on the comments part on this site and I will do the work.

also....this is important ----> if you do choose to take the time, make a name and go and post it on the site then you can't just post it. if you write "fuck" will come up as ****. To get around this loop, you have to type [b][/b] (which means bold) in between some of the letters.

EXAMPLE: FUCK .........change to F[b][/b]uck. that way it will show up and your message can be fully understood without ****'s . So any word you think you will be ***** for, just type [b][/b] in the middle of the word.




Tomiya Adventures is now officially....The tomiya nation.

I feel that my life has alot of weird shit that happens and for it to deplict only things that happen to me is unfair and injustice. So therefore, I am changing the name of the site to the TOMIYA NATION. This was way we can see that the way of the tomiya is used. What are things tomiya? Ridiculous, crazy....anything that says.....OMFG!!!!! can be tomiya worthy...maybe. You guys know what being tomiya I need not tell you.

Saturday, November 6

I want to start my career~~~!!!!!

I know it's been almost way too long that I have not had a job. More than 50% of that being so is because I chose to be lazy and who would blame you to be. Im living in a good house without worrying too much about money. I have this huge TV to come home, I don't pay for car insurace (excluding the whole maxima). Even though my original plan was to go to graduate school and postponed my career for another 2 years. Almost a year and some months have passed and I have not progess in my life. I have been stuck a state that is somewhat undescribable. What my biggest weakness for my lazyness is not the pure lazyness itself. It more on the lines that Im a hamster; I'm easily distracted. Now granted, lately I have been extremely busy and the only night where I can really relax is sunday, but I know if I had just concentrated a little more then maybe "goddess of luck" may come to my rescue. The biggest thing I like to do and do job searches and then I have them all set; to do nothing about them. The biggest flaw is myself; in college, I did what I had to do and that's that. I knew how the system work, I knew how graders graded and how professionals gave exam so I knew what I had to do and then I can go on and be lazy. I mean that is really life isn't it? You figure the system out and then the world is yours for the taking.

This past week, my friends have gone off to a world in which I could and should of joined. LAS VEGAS and I have no clue what may of happened there, but because they were gone I did have alot of time just thinking and now more than ever do I really want to start my career. No more pushing it back. This week I have sent out a good 15 resumes and I do have my worries since alot of the job searches I do what people with experience so when I see the opportunity I go after it. I realized that looking for job as just like have a job. It's difficult, the waiting can sometimes kill you and you are competing with hundreds of people. I found this one job a couple days go in which I did sent my cover letter and resume, but maybe the cover letter that I sent was too broad and I should of focused it a bit more towards the company. The company of Underwriting Laboratories and what they wanted me to do was awesome and the pay was in the 50k - 55K range. Now money is not the reason for getting this job. I could care if I made 30K a year, the experience is more important to me. All I do now is job search. I mean when ever Im near a internet connection (including at work), I am job search, polishing my cover letter and hoping that I will get recognized. I don't want to wait any more. I don't want to be lazy any more. For the first time in my life, Im not afraid of the real world; I want to attack and bring out what I am capable of.

WTF did I just order...

just ordered 2 hot dogs from Rosati's in Lincolnshire, IL

and instead of Hot Dog Bread on the hot dogs, they put them in french bread.