Saturday, November 26

The Start of the Next-Generation

iPod love
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Its here. Its White. Its Big. and it can pump out really crazy graphics. Each system cost Microsoft around 460 dollars to make and so from the dollar amount, you can tell it ain't no slouch. Its a 4 billion dollar investment. Do I think It will beat the power playstation brand? Probably not, but what will come out of this system is good games. Really Really Really Good games. And I want to be a part of it.


............. Too bad they are sold out.

Tuesday, November 22

Snowboarding is Back!!!!

Ultimate Security!!!!! Version 2.4503433084b
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Thats right! Its Winter! and Its time for alittle snowboarding. This will be my 6 year going snowboarding and there is no feeling that can simulate the first time you ever go snowboarding.

So get your gear and hit slopes. What? Work?...I don't want to hear the BS!!!! Just go..Fucking...Go dammit!

Monday, November 14

Tomiya Nation 2005-2006 Snowboard Adventure snowboard
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okay listen, I live in freaking chicago. Our version of a mountain is a giant hill. I don't have the money to go aspen, canada or any place that has real mountains, but snowboarding is snowboaring and once again winter is back.

this is my new snowboard which only cost me 100 bucks. I still need my yellow bindings, but my freaking short snowboard is no more. Its not retired, but Im going to put it away for emergencies.

For people who want to go ...hop on the tomiya train and you will have a good time.

later bitches~!

OMG! Xbox 360 is coming out and Nooo Money!

My car had emission test problems caused me to step down from the Xbox 360 race. Now I can't buy the damn system til after the new year because demand is suppose to be high.


....oh well, you can't buy everything in life.