Monday, May 22

Tomiya is BACK!!!!!!!!!

Okay after a long and I MEAN LONNNNNNNGGG ABSENCE. I decided that the fans of Tomiya Nation have been ruined. So I have come to save you once again.

Lets start out and get things rolling:


This Laptop is So Hot!!! I want one. For just 1299 instead of spending a Grand for the PRO edition. I have decided to save my money to eventually buy one of these in the next couple of months. But with the ps3 coming out in November, and me wanting an Xbox...will I ever even have the chance to save?

Anyone who has this new laptop. Please leave your comments. Especially about the Heat Issue.

Okay, Im out. There is more Tomiya coming in the future. Stay Tuned!!


At 6:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God damn kid! This drought was almost as long as the fucking Naruto fillers. Bastard show.

Fat Sloppy.

At 1:47 AM, Anonymous "G-Dawg" said...

it's about damn time!


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