Thursday, June 30

OMG! Fourth Of July Birthday Party Weekend.

Normally who cares that a weekend is coming up..............but HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!! its my god damn freaking birthday. Its not like I have much to celebrate, but anyhoo I should celebrate it alittle bit right. Im alive aren't I? I think it would be wise for me to just get completely hammered for about 3 days straight. No work. Just play. Maybe...just maybe alittle bit of women in between. :)

Because it will be my birthday...I will give you a warm birthday......FUCK OFF!!!!!! Thats right. For 24 hours I am king! Boobs and asses will be on the floor for me to walk on. I will have girls do all kinds of naughty naughty naughty things because they like it . . . and because I am the ruler of their fur-burgers! ... hahaha J/k ;)

Anyways...everyone have a good weekend and party till you puke your organs out!!!

Saturday, June 25

When did Pizza Become this Fucking Expensive?


I call in to Rosati's for a pizza, I asked for the SMALLEST PIZZA available. I asked for a supreme pizza and what do I get?

A 15 dollar pizza. ........................... UNREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And to make to worse, I took maybe 3 slices...left the pizza on the table because i had to work and probably my brother ate the rest of the pizza. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!