Saturday, October 22

Next Stop.... Tokyo!

Wide Angle Shibuya
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Its no secret that everyone wants to go Tokyo. If People tell you that they want to go to Amazon or some dessert..then they are lying. If you are a girl and some guy says this, then all he wants to do is jump in your pants and go for a ride. Guys Don't say that...They say cool shit like I want to go Tokyo!. Why is Tokyo so cool? Because its different, its everyday. Its not New York, Its not Chicago, Its not any american city or an european city. Tokyo is define by coolness and its 12 on a 10 point scale.

You wanna go to Tokyo? Hop on Tomiya Nation and Trust 2 days, you'll be like.....New york what?


.....Oh...for people who think Im suppose to be happy for the White Sox. Think again. The only reason, Im going to try and root for the Sox is because they have made it this far. But all these stupid sox fans are now coming out of their caves to support their team (which is fine) and mocking a quite cubs fan who is not saying bad shit. It just makes you want to root for houston.

But let me give you a stat has is very scary. The wild card team has won the world series for the past 3 years. Boston, Marlins, Angels and I think the Diamondbacks before than. So for all you chicago fans who are just saying "OMG White Sox Are Teh Win!!!!". Think again...You got Clemens, Petite, Oswalt and a good ass closer. It won't be easy. It won't be as easy as those damn Angels.

Im Out.

Thursday, October 6

Tomiya Won 20 bucks at the boat!!

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So...Tomiya went to boat and played very defensively...what was the outcome? I came up 20 bucks. WOOT WOOT.

Eric...on the other hand...*cough* Lost 140 *cough*.

But hey if you missed the chance to come with us or had a miserable day. Let this monkey cheer you up!!!!