Friday, July 30

The interview is done......thoughts and feelings

so...i had my interview today and I don't think I got it. I go into the company and I have no fucking clue what Im and applying for all I know is its something about computers and its something to do with IT (information Tech. So I go in for my interview and I meet with the human resources lady. She goes over the company, benefits and my job. She mentions how its a networking job and gives my the exact position:
Position: Team Lead, Network Operations
Job Desciptions:
We seek a team lead, Network Operations,
who will be based in our Corporate Headquarters in Buffalo Grove, IL. Reporting
to the Director, Information Technology, This position will responsible for
network/system administration for a windows NT 2000 environment, including
WAN/LAN administration, WinProxy, Cisco routers and Virtual Private
Networking(VPN) and Provide desktop support for MS office and windows
application MS outlook 2003.
wow....the fact that I got a chance to do this interview means I really got the hook up. and they were like oh we are here MR..BLAH BLAH thinks so highly of you.
so i go to meeting with director of IT and he was only like 32 or something..and even though he's indian..he speaks perfect english...DAMN RIGHT!!! so anyways he first started my talking about himself, where we went to school and stuff...this convo sparked because he saw that I had an engineering degree and he was an industrial engineer. Then we talked about the job and what his goals were....for the IT division (like his ultimate goal) and i guess this was to get me to see his vision in a broader sense. then he went through and look at my resume and of course he loved my GPA...(i mean who wouldn't ..I fucking rocked in school) and then I explained all the projects that I did for the school and experience I had at work. because I didn't have much experience in networking, i didn't want to say that....i tried to get the point across that 1) I was a guy who is eager to learn...willingness to learn and try something new. 2) that my technical background is sufficient to handle all types of technical knowlegde and environmental adjustments. The point that I realized about him is that he thought my resume was too technically, he saw alot of programming experience on the my resume and it seemed like it was oriented to engineering and not to IT. Well No shit...i mean I didnt even know what I was applying for until like 20 mins before the interview. and so he corrected the resume and he gave me comments on how to fix it for 2 things: one for IT and one for engineering. And at that point, it seemed like he didn't want me and also because he thinks I would be good in their applications department of IT and Not the networking departing. Well he then explain the job a little bit more talking about he optimizing servers, routers and monitoring them.

Well after the interview he went to go see mr..blah blah ( the guy who wanted me to send in my resume in the first place and he was the boss of my interviewer) and my interviewer left and i talked to him alone and i told him everything at the interview and I told him that I think he feels Im not the right fit, but he said he won't give up that easily and he's going to talk to my interviewer and some other executives. So if i get this job its PURE and UTTER LUCK.
and so the question now is: can i really do it? from what I hear this and what says about this job...this job pays 40 to 60K and the job qualifications for this job are 3 years of experience...well I have zero and I dont think fixing my own router and work's router counts. Because if they expect me to come in without any training and do stuff....they are in for a rude awakening. I mean I can fix stuff and I have had lots of success, but for something at a larger scale. Yeah...i can see it now..."tom...optimize these servers" "sure......." and then I pretty much kill the entire network and they lose millions and millions of dollars.
Well...lets pray and find out. But if I get the job and it pays really well....then I will spend my first check at HB's...ALL OF IT!!!!


Thursday, July 29

Luke warm coca cola in a can.

well....the day has finally come....Im getting a interview today for a 9-5 job. Yes...can you believe it? But Im kinda sad....I don't I will be doing what I spend 4 years in college training for....

Well..its not like I really applied...the guy who was a guest at the hotel for quite some time wanted to hire me and when I said my field was engineering...he tried to find something in that field. I kept stress circuits, programs....CIRCUITS, but I don't know if he understands that. The only thing that registers in his brain is I can fix computers. I don't know exactly what I will be doing but it seems like IT stuff (information Technology)...thats like server stuff, networking and fixing computer problems. I don't know what that pays...I looked up salaries and a networking engineer and something under said 40K but Its highly unlikely that Ill be getting that much. So that is why Im sad...not because im getting a better job...but because its not what I want to do with my life. I guess we will see....

The other thing that is bothering me is that I told the guy that i have little experience networking...I mean yeah...I know all the TCP/IP stuff and i can set up a network...but mainframes and stuff like I know programming, I know circuits, I know RF analysis...I know computer system architecture, but everything I learned is im a little scared I dont know SHIT about what they want. The guy is like...LIE!!!

He wants me to say that I can do it even though he knows I have little experience maybe because he thinks they can train me and everyone there is stupid as hell. I don't know..Im fucking scared to death. Well....I have to go and sleep for this interview...

the guy im getting the interview from is MR. DAS. whats cool is that the guy who is getting me this job opportunity is mr. das's boss. He and his employees who is also mr. das's other boss is giving me advice on how to handle this what to say etc etc etc. and they pretty much prep. me up. I know what you are thinking....he if this guy is the boss why don't you just get the job automatically...well company policy is that each division head makes personally hirings. So he can't even though he is hire up.

well..Im out. IM going to try and sleep but I don't think I will sleep much. Grrrr. Better pull out that suit..(cobwebs all over it..LOL) 

Tuesday, July 27

God...I hate waiting. I sent it my resume to some guy that works at AKORN. inc and he's a regular guest at the hotel that I work at. He wanted me to send in my resume and yesterday he says he will try to get one of his employees to hire me. He's trying to get me a job in computers but I think he really wants to do sales and I HATE CUSTOMERS!!!!! IF a certain group of people need to die..its customers. SO GAY!!!!

But anyways...I talked to the guy yesterday and he says he will try to get me an interview this week, but he wanted me to send my resume to this certain guy first ( the actual guy who may be hiring me). SO...I email him and he replies " thanks tom. We may have opportunites in the future". Dude......what the fuck does future mean? Because the other guy is like stressing at me to send in my resume and he wants to get me this job and this other guy is saying some future shit. What da!!! I mean I could be utterly wrong and taken this job waiting process a little too serious, but I just worried that I have to wait a long time. I mean atleast say something like...Okay tom...we'll hire you, but you can't start until october or september or some shit. Then I could get ready with everything.........

GOD I HATE WAITING...please god...please....I need a job. Tom lee doesn't want to be lazy because I sick and tired of being broke all the time. Im sick of it!!!! I can't stand it so much. I love going to school and all and I want my masters, but this me being broke....blows!!!!

Name this Quote Episode 3

This is worth 5 points!!!

guy one: "Ill use my NUUUUN-chunks!!!!"

hint: the location of the movie is chicago.

and no.....kev can't be cheating...if he is Cheating is allowed!! I don't give a rat's ass how you get the answer...just get the god damn fucking answer will ya.

Sunday, July 25


this get 2 points for this one.

guy one: "Beer Bong for da Lady" (saying it in a smooth but ridiculously dorkish way)
hint--------------------------------> the guy who says this is...... also PUNTS a dog off the San Diego bridge in a 2004 summer blockbuster hit movie released to save the world.



Guy one: "why do you think sampson thinks Mr. Nice Guy is Jamaican?"
Guy two: "Because I said he was Jamaican B"
Guy one: "why would you say that?"
Guy two: "I don't know yo, I guess I always thought he was Jamaican in my head B"

-----------------------------------> HINT: YOUR MOM!!!

Saturday, July 24


this is the coolest in the history of man kind and I need this phone. Why?...Does it get me the ladies?...probably not. Does it bring me fame and fortune? ....damn no. Then what? Why is this so special? Because this phone kicks your phone and the phone next to that one's ass combined bitch!!! This is the phone to end all phones and I know it will probably come here in the near future, but I hate fucking waiting and Im going to shell out major bucks to get this phone early and I know T-mobile is too jewish to bring to phone for american users.

what a fucking phone!!!!

Shut kev! I know its just a phone. But I'm getting a killer deal on it if I Pre-buy the phone...and I mean big....Like 50% off. so instead of paying like 500 to 700 bucks...if i buy it will only cost me 270. I think thats a great deal.

Key features: HIGH definition 240x320px 262k color 2,3" screen 1.3Mp videocamera with with flash and 8x zoom MP3/Video Player, Radio FM and M. Stick DUO Unique 360ş rotating design with 3 styles of use Finished in real polished aluminium 

Actual Picture from the Camera Phone.....Click for FULL SIZE!!





Thursday, July 22


wow...just I dodge the a bullet...NO I DODGE A GATLING GUN AIM RIGHT AT ME AND WITH NO ROOM TO DODGE....NOT ONCE...TWICE!!!!. Okay..lets start from the beginning:

Me and Al end up going to casino one day earlier...I guess I was worried that there are no more 5 dollar tables availabe since the last time we went, there were only 10 dollar tables. So End up pulling money out...because I had made alittle bit more this week, but Fucking they fucked up!!! and they paid me a little less, but I dont care..because I will get my money because...damn it...ITS MY FUCKING MONEY!! So me and Al went to the boat and this time we are lucky because there were 5 dollar tables. So throw down my money and Im like "lets partyyyyyyy!!!!!"....well after a few good rolls..things went sour and fast. In fact, I was actually down to 10 bucks. 10 bucks people!!!!! thats -50 bucks...unbelievable. So I made a plee with GOD and said "Please if I make this money back, Im leaving" And GOD saved me....unbelievable, but a few rolls...I came back up to 60 bucks ..INFACT...i passed it. But I got greedy and Im like "IM HOT BITCH...LETS ROLL" and I don't know how...But I kept on losing. Why? or How did I lose? because everything I bet...turn to poop. Literally.. I mean...5 dollar on passline and POOF!!! POO showed up. and they had to clean the poop stain off the table before going on. I mean this was unbeliavable how unlucky I was and I knew god was torturing me. and so I had like 10 bucks left ...again and AL is like "put it on the field!!!! DO IT!!!! DO IT !!!! NOW!!!!!! LETS GO HOME!!!! OMG RUSSIA 2k4!!!".


You know how they say GOD WORKS IN MISTERIOUS WAYS. God was the grandma. and guess what ...she's rolling.

roll: 1 ~~~~~10 ....ALL FIELDS...YES many times did i take advantage...twice. FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!!!

then I pull out a secret technique...chanting!! When the first number is done...I keep throw my fingers out there to equal that number...example...four...I chant..FOUR FOUR and have 2 fingers out on each hand.

so whats my total: 20 bucks at this point.

grandma rolls: 6, I chant 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 ............................roll 6
grandma rolls 5,  I chant 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 ............................roll 5
grandma rolls 9,  I chant 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 ..............................DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND!!!

...I MADE MY MONEY BACK..............YES SHE MADE ME 60 bucks and EVEN...thats 8 ROLLS RIGHT....UNBELIEVABLE.

Im at 70 when she's done, up 10 and so I put away that 60 bucks and play with my 10 bucks. Then my fever roll comes out....THIS ROLL IS MEANT FOR LEGENDS...ONE DAY I SHALL BE THE ONE PEOPLE CALL LEGEND. THE FEVER ROLL ...WORKS AND EVERYONE HAPPY HAPPY JOY pissed like hell. DAMN RIGHT fuck with GOD...YOU PAY!!!

PARTY 2k4!!! .......................i left the casino up 30 bucks....BATTLE OF THE CENTURY!!! I WIN.

OH YEAH.......AL PLAYED THE FUCKING FIELD...........AGAIN AND THAT MOTHER FUCKER MAID 80 bucks in like 30 minutes and quit. DAMN IT!!! I HATE THE FIELD.

Monday, July 19


I don't know how to explain the sheer and utter joy that is on my face. You must want this movie, not for yourself....but for the sake of humanity. There is no feeling in the world that describes a joy that is anchorman....a complete knockout punch...

the best way to put it...if you don't know what a hand ful of boobs feels like and when you first grab are like...OH YEAH!!....thats anchorman!!! just hits you when you are not even expecting it.

Thank you Will Farrell for making my life complete.

Sunday, July 18

Busy Busy Week.

Well....This week is now officially done. and What a fucking week it has been. Besides having a roller coaster ride with my money and the boat; Hopefully very soon, I will be able to give my stupid Nissan Maxima to my friend Joe since he will be helping me out with whole car payment situation thing I am in right. Im going to need Dave's help on this one since the mother fucker won't pick up his damn cell phone and I fucking left like a million messages to him. This just seriously makes me sick, but hopefully very soon the car is out of his hands....since he's like NOT PAYING.

Well....just for kicks. His name is Leo Voorheis. and the supposed addresss that was given was
1076 N. Cardinal Dr.
palatine, Il
so if anyone wants to ruin his life for me.....(im not saying in any way to do so, but for your amusement)....go right ahead. Just don't scratch the car though because the car is mine and I need that car back in one piece. Help me out and I don't will be ever engraved into the tomiya adventures book for years to come.

Dave......I hope you found something good for me. If you get my car back....I will pay for your next 2-3 trips to the boat.
besides that:

hopefully TOMIYA will be a job. What? What did I say? ....Job? Who me? heard it straight from the gook himself. I just did my entire resume over since I really had a chance to look at it and I realized that I was missing alot of info and I didn't elaborate on my experience. Also I didn't write a cover letter because I was really lazy and this whole car thing put me in utter shock for the past year and a half. So Im going to get my butt in motion and get a real job. Yes.....Good bye Marriott....Good bye free downloads....Good bye to doing whatever the fuck I want.

oh yeah....if and when I do get a real job. If any of you fuckers out here needs a job and is willing to work 11pm to 7am on Friday and saturday nights (these days may change) then....holla at the comments section. The job pays about 80 a night...after taxes.....and you do nothing . In fact tonight....I ate 4 candy bars, watched a porno, a movie and Im writing this damn blog. Not to mention Im downloading:


so PEACE OUT. Till next time.


Friday, July 16

The experiment.

now that I have tried the new age method. I have to know whether or not I can be consistent with this method. I don't want to win alot of money one night and then lose it another night.

my method has 2 fucking huge holes:

1) the first roll:
obviously this is the huge mystery. You want any number in the whole fucking world but 7 and 11. 11 is a 1 in 16 chance while seven is more of a easier number to obtain. Seven is the most probably number in the group. You can do things to insure that you won't take such a huge hit on the first roll and that is....put a dollar or 2 on 11 and any seven. These bets may help you ease the loss, but at what cost? wasting dollars left and right will just add up in the end.

2) the table needs to be hot:

This method has 2 sure things: even though we are putting money on the don't pass, we are playing to win. The last thing I want to do is ruin the mood of the table. but just like the pass line: if the table is cold as fuck then you aren't gonna win much.

so keeping this at mind, Eric, al and I went to the casino to try out method. We followed all the rules and when we got there, there were noooo 5 dollar tables at the time. Well this sucks, we follow all the rules, but we may have to break one rule ...the 10 dollar table rule. At first we are thinking to wait, but how long can we really wait? If there are alot of people, I don't think the casino is gonna be lower the wages on tables any time soon. So ended up playing blackjack, I just played on game of blackjack at the 15 dollar tables....and of course I lost. Eric also played black jack, but he used all 40 of his money. Al also joined, but he had early success and left the table up 35.

So as we are leaving the table, I am telling Eric and Al (well...actually just Al because Eric blew his money) to go play the 10 dollar tables, but this time...we put 10 bucks on don't pass and 15 bucks on pass line (12 bucks if the number 6,8) this way its like we are still playing the 5 dollar tables. In the beginning, I thought I should lead by example: so I put 10 bucks on don't pass.

Roll 7 .........SHIT
Roll 7 .........SHIT
Roll 7 .........SHIT.......................THIS IS THE DOWN SIDE TO THE METHOD.

so IM already down 45 bucks. and then Al joined in and we started have bad luck...but we weren't losing 10 bucks from the first roll, we were losing 5 bucks from second roll..which is better, but still sucks. Then the table got somewhat hot and I made 30 of my 45 back. While that is happening, Al let eric borrow that 35 bucks and he used that on black jack and lost. Then al made some money off the method and gave that to eric (only 15 bucks) and eric ...lost that. So Eric is down and me and al are just pretty much idle. We do win sometimes and we makes like 13 to 11 bucks everytime we win, but we would then lose the next 2 times. Its a horrible cycle. Well..the table went south real fast, but I didn't properly move to another table which i should of done and eric found a 5 dollar table that just opened up. So I go to the 5 dollar table with 40 bucks. This table was real bad for me because I kept losing my money on the first roll....this guy was nuts...I met 4 people in a roll that atleast roll a 7 or 11 2 twice...thats 20 bucks right there...and then after than they would crap out.

this is wear I should of stuck to my method, but I ended up FOLLOWING ERIC's advice. he was like...this table is cold you should just be playing the don't pass. I was doubting my technique and I change to don't pass....

THANKS ERIC............I lost all my money...Al....made money.

Al was low on money and he did was every person would do....take a desperate risk....THE FIELD. Luckily...he made all his losses back from the field by making THE MOST CRAZY BETS...20 bucks at a time!!!!

As for eric.....he had 20 bucks on his Credit card...cashed it out and played the 6.8.

this is where it got interesting. This is his technique:

you play the 6,8---------> 6 bucks a piece ( so thats 12 bucks total)

you put 4 bucks the hard now we are at 16 bucks on the table.

and thats it. you dont play the pass line, you don't play the don't pass. thats all you play. If you hit a 6 or 8. You press and then if you win cash out and start the process over.

he got sooo fucking lucky on his first bet and not crap out because that would of been 16/20 bucks he pulled out and the table didn't get hot, but it got IDLE where the shooter doesn't win, but doesn't lose. ERIC WON 100 + paid al off and made himself 20 bucks.

LIFE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

But i guess you have to try the method again. THE METHOD DIDN"T FAIL.........I DID. I didn't move to another table or the table was just too cold. its the same as just playing the pass line..I would of still lost. BUT GOD DOES IT FEEL HORRIBLE TO BE EVEN.


listen....Im sick and tired of the ODDS. Im sick and tired of putting my money down and seeing some loser fucking roll me a seven and lose 10 bucks. So as I was back at the Boat, I found a new technique that may satisfy everyone. It's not fool proof , but it may satisfy many people. This methodolity is all about RISK. What at we risking? Im sorry, but...I dont like to put 5 bucks on the pass line and then 5 or 10 bucks on the odds. thats a 10 or 15 dollar risk. Yes...I know the payout make be worth it, but what if you lose.

If a man has 500,000 dollars and he's like man....Maybe I should put on odds. I might pay me 2:1...should i do it? Of course not. Are you fucking mad? Yes. you might win and make money, but you are in RISK of losing it. thats the biggest reason of depression. People are sad because they had a huge bet and they fell short. So...this is my plan.

Don't pass -------------> put 5 bucks
pass line -------------->
pass line --------------->put 10 bucks behind and 12 bucks behind when the number is 6,8
why do this because you are playing total odds, but if you win on the make a bigger and i mean bigger payout then just 5 bucks and if you lose only 5 bucks for every scenario. What does this bring? This brings more opportunities of play. that means you don't waste all your money on large bet. just follow the formula and as long as the shooter is not getting sevens on the first roll...then you are taking the SAME RISK, but depending on the number you can make anywhere from 10 to 18 bucks profit. Just think about that...if you just play the pass line and put 5 bucks on just the pass make 5 bucks and you may lose 5 bucks. This make 10 to 18 bucks but you will only lose 5 bucks. This is a great plan. But once all depends on the first roll. If you have a table that wins only on the first roll...then you lose 5 bucks and then if you they crap out on the second roll...thats 5 more bucks...thats only down side. but if it works out can make good money. I know because i make 120 using this method. It works. It's not perfect, but I still like the fact that RISK is minimized.

here is chart.

for                                  6,8               5,9                       4,10
                                    -------        ------                  --------
D pss                             5                  5                            5 
pss                                12                10                          10
loss if crap                    7                   5                            5
win ( net profit)          10                13                          18           

these are pretty interesting numbers and they need a 7 or 11 for you to lose on initial roll...that means 77.77% of the shouldn't lose your money. is the easiest number to get ...occuring 16% of the time. So to counter may want to put 2 dollar any seven or something, but thats up to you. also if you think the guy won't do it and you are unsure.

put 5 bucks on the don't pass and 5 on the odds. this is a EVEN-WIN situation. If you win, you get even money on 6,8 make 2 bucks profit on 5,9 and make 5 bucks profit on 4,10 but if you crap lose nothing. what ever works.

just remember it won't work all the time. You have to pick your shots.

WELL GOOD LUCK. Oh btw the...if the casino bans this technique from casinos.....I want people to remember it as



newton's laws of gravity casino style...part 2: muff diver

so.....the last place i was at...i was up about 70 bucks or something like that. So Im like...."shoot, im hot. I need to go and play again and run this hot streak"

so I go to the casino because I was bored and I nothing else to do. The table I went to was okay and I didn't really win or lose. I did have some good throws and I ended up 30 bucks. Since I was up 30 bucks from my profit money (I was playing with the 70 I won the other night), I played a little more aggressive and that's expected. What did I have to lose? I wasn't playing with my money. After a few rolls....Mentally I made up my mine. I should quit even. that way, I can go and play another day. So as Im walking to the cashier's desk. I go and see what all this comotion is about that another craps table. This craps table was 10 dollar table. So Im like..why not? It won't hurt me and I do win a few but I end up losing all 70. So Im pissed that I made the wrong move, but Im like "i can make it back ...I know i can"   So this point GOD save me once.

so I pull out a 100 bucks and I get on the wrong foot and lose 40 then I make 60 bucks. So now GOD SAVE ME TWICE. But ...I ended up losing that and so I was at 20 bucks. And this guy comes to table and I get my money back...I end up at 100 bucks. I mean its not fully back, but GOD SAVE ME THREE TIMES!!! and what do I do...............


ITS LIKE........THAT FAMILY GUY EP. where PETER falls off the house and SPIDERMAN saves him and peter is like "awww thanx spiderman"...Spiderman says "everybody has one" and spins his web away.

well.....SPIDERMAN save me three times. He ain't gonna save him four times.

FUCK DUDE!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 12

Newton's Law's of style. Part 1

So I get this called from one of my friend...whom of which I haven't talked to in a while other than instant messenger. He was in Elgin doing a stakeout. He was observing this girl for past few hours (I asked him if the girl was hot...he said..all girls he observed throughout his short new career were ugly). So all you people out there who want to be a PI and did it for another job. Anyways, while he was in the area, he wanted to go to the casino since he never went to the boat before. So I end up going with him and at first we play black jack because there were 15 dollar black jack tables available. Well..let me first say because it saturday at about 3:00 pm, I was prediction much activity in the boat. I mean it's the weekends and usually on the weekends the tables cost more. So ended up bring a hundred dollars with me. It did not mean in any way that i was gonna use all 100 dollars, but I pulled it out of a NON-bank one atm machine and the since the atm free is one flat fee, I pulled out more money. Well..after a couple games of black jack, I finally got him to move to the craps table. Just when we got there, some guy just started his roll and he did the craziest thing I ever saw. He just didn't lose, I mean he was perfect and because of him I made a good 100 bucks and Dave made about the same amount. As for the shooter, he got every number on 4,5,6,8,9,10 and so he won CRAPS FOR CASH ...a 4 grand pot. Then he took put 400 dollars on the hard ways...the rolled hard numbers 4 times and won....another 4 grand. Yes this man..won 8 grand.

as for us...the table got cold, went to another table but loss all our profit, but Dave had a good run with the dice and won 70 bucks for me and then I chose to stop. I came back to the table to see how well dave was doing. The shooter was this asain guy who had to piss and so he tried to lose on purpose and as he is trying to lose: he is winning and winning alot of money. It's kind of ironic, but I didn't pull out money and thus, I didn't take advantage of this.

so that was day one. So in perpective, this week at the casino has been good for me...I have made 150 bucks. So I felt that I was in a Hot streak. So Sunday rolls by and Im thinking ..wait a minute, I should go back and not let this streak end...WRONG MOVE and I shall explain what happened later.


Thursday, July 8

A WONDERFUL, but PAINFUL DAY the dentist.

So i had a 11:00 am dentist appointment to fix a cavity that I have in my mouth and when I walk in...I see the fucking hottest nurse EVER. Hands down's gorgeous!!! and What do you know...She happens to be my nurse for the appointment. LUCKY LUCKY ME!!! and as the dentist is put stuff in my mouth, the sensitiviy was high and so the nurse was fucking rubbing my ear lobes....My fucking ear lobes!!!! Unbelievable, but it worked and not only that...I just wanted to bone this nurse now more than ever!!!! Seriously...she makes me want to give a bat to some kid and say "swing that bat at my mouth". Just so I can see this nurse again. One thing is for sure.......I need to find out if she is single or not. I highly doubt it, but you never know.....GOD DAMN!!! is SHE HOT!!!!!


This is the story of how dreams can come true. Of course when I say dreams come true, it's everyone else's and not mine. Now This story begins yesterday night as I make my weekly campaign at the boat. There were $5 dollar tables this time and the table was pretty good. You made your money when the opportunity strikes. Then this guy comes...has all these tattoos on his arms and he was pretty wasted. Proabably brought a 100 bucks with him and then it begins:

starts his roll:

Puts money on Hard 8 (55 bucks), Hard 4 (35 bucks), Hard 6 (35 bucks)

first roll: 6
second roll: Hard 8 (makes 495 bucks) 1080
roll: Hard 4 (makes 245 bucks)
roll: Hard 4 (makes 245 bucks)
roll: Hard 4 (makes 245 bucks)

roll, and roll and roll...nothing

then....Roll......hard 6 makes (245 bucks)

New roll: .......HARD 8 ....(makes 495 bucks)

Then he decides to put 120 dollars on hard 8.

3 rolls later.....HARD 8......Makes 1080 bucks.

so in total...this lucky ass mother fucker brings 100 bucks to the table and makes a WHOPPING 3050 bucks on 1 SET OF ROLLS. NO BUST!!!! UNFUCKENBELIEVABLE.

oh by way, I didn't ride the hard ways bandwagon and so I lost money through all this.

in the end, I won 80 bucks, But just aint fair.

Wednesday, July 7


Listen, if you haven't watch Spiderman 2, something is truly wrong with you. If you did watch it and liked that that much, but you are sooooo jewish that you won't cough up the money to go watch the money at the movie threatre or you don't know how to download the movie online (wink wink) or you don't have anyone to go with to the movie threatre because lets face it...don't go alone or else I don't want you to come to this website ever again, I have decided to go and post something that may not be truly Tobey, but it may be just as good. Be Prepared for some Lego spiderman.



NEVER!!!! DOC OCK!!!! NEVER!!!!!!


Tuesday, July 6



game 1) Sox's ace.

game 2) THE HOT DOG. YES HOT DOG's maybe something else once or twice, but it hot dog. Cubs win and the spread at the casino is 1000000000000000 runs. Oh yeah.....Cubs own the WEATHER!!!!

game 3) .....BOT 9th Moises single.....derek lee bunts....walk....walk.....walk

cubs win.


Thursday, July 1


So...I went to this place called WWW.HOTDOG.COM (Yes, this is a restaurant and yes I sometimes eat there) and I get this phone call...847-BLAH-BLAH-BLAH. So, Im like shit, this must those damn bill collectors. So I don't pick up the phone because Im just sick of tired of talking to people who are gay. So I just listen the message they leave on my voicemail. When I was listening to the message, I realize it was one of my co-workers at work saying that she can't make it to work tonight and see needs me to cover. This is where Im like..........WHAT!!!!!???? OKAY!!!! FINE!!!! I mean it's not like it's a bad thing, I do absolutely nothing at work. In fact, Im typing this right now at work. I's nice to have another 80 bucks in my pocket for just sitting on my ass doing like an hour of total while watching a movie, but I wanted it off and now I won't have another day off til saturday (OMG!!! MEGA SUPER PARTY END OF THE WORLD BLAST!!!! LIVE YOUR DREAMS PARTY OMG 2k4 BLOW OUT!!!)

Also I wanted to note that I really haven't been updating the site and that's because I have been pretty tired at night and I feel tired updating this site.

oh yeah kev.....nobody has called me yet about Howard fucking asshole!!!! (You guys will know about that soon enough)