Thursday, September 23

Okay....So I have been lazy...

There's no excuse to my laziness...this is what I am...I am Tom Lee probably one of the most laziest people in the world. I can be highly motivated at times, but like a lot of takes momentum. Once "something else" comes's hard to stick to what I had originally planned. For the past couple of weeks, I have been sucked into the world that is....Burnout 3 ONLINE and Initial D fourth stage subs. Now that I am done with the subs, I can go back to my blogger. These days, tomiya isn't really having much of a adventure. In fact....his life is getting pretty god damn boring if you tell me. No crazy pic this week, no weird YATTA YATTA even though I can just make another site dedicated to what is known as "YATTA YATTA".

So what da fuck have I been doing for the past couple of weeks and what future may come across me. Well:

1) I need to this fucking nissan maxima back....and I will...

2) I got a dvd burner and oh ...will I unleash pandora's box.

3) The last thing I need to do is find a god damn job. It's starting to get annoying and what's really making myself mad is that Im not trying. I try for like a week. I set up all the places that have openings and I don't go after them. Because Im like hamster...Im easily amused. I mean if something comes up and makes me delay what i was suppose to do with the jobs...then It may be weeks before I really apply and then at that point, i start to think that I won't get a job for that company. I did apply to one company about 3 weeks ago and this company was some goverment defense company...and they sent me a email from their human resources guy saying to send my resume and i did...but I got no response. I just got.."thank you very much, your resume will be passed along to different divisions and if there is an opening, we will call you" or something like that. 10 days pass with no phone call so what do i do...i email with a personal letter being proactive and i get a reply back saying "thank you very much, your resume will be passed along to different divisions and if there is an opening, we will call you" and so i am assuming he is not taking me so seriously. Im starting to get to a point where I wonder if this is the what I am going to do in life. In seems that everything that can happen...does happen. I feel like GOD is trying not let me get a maybe this isn't what Im suppose to do in life.


if i get boobies in my face FOREVER and an evo....i won't mind.....I won't mind at all.

Wednesday, September 8

Operation Viewtiful!!!

Im going to beat viewtiful joe right now......

okay listen....I had this long ass fucking blog written up and for some fucking reason it didnt do you think im going to re-type all of it again. no fucking way. Im so fucking pissed right now, you can't even understand how gay this stupid google server is....fucking......what da fuck is going on? DAMMIT!!!

well fuck you and ill talk to you later you cock sucking dildo fucks

Operation Viewtiful!!!

thats right.....what i usually tend to do is buy a game and then play it for like a couple of weeks (on and off) and then never play it again. The days of dominance is gone and I would rather spend my time in front of huge jugs. But I realized I missed out on one game that I really didn't have that much time playing. At the time, I was really into Madden 2004, Prince of Persia just came out. so I neglected Viewtiful Joe, what might have been one of the rare surprises of 2003 and hands of the most innovating games for Game Cube...the sequel comes out, but one thing i dont really do is I dont play the sequel until I beat the first one. So I am going to beat the game in one day.....actually 2 days.

so far Im 75% butt hurts because I chose to not play on my big screen tv and instead play in my room because when I play in my room...its over!!! concentration level goes through the roof. When I play in the basement with the big tv's....Im too tension....too relax to play a game that IGN considered a pain to beat.

well...Im out...

big ups

Tuesday, September 7

restaurant fever and....WOW...check this car out....

So I went to chili's right and it's starting to become to new thing with eating. Me and Kev want to explore the world become like critics...of course we aren't getting paid for doing this. It's just that...we would give our left nut for the perfect most luscious pound of meat ever developed. And I think we found the restaurant that has this kind of wonderful joyful treat. RED ROBIN!!!....yes...I will bring pictures soon on how this awesome restaurant brings out the best in you. From start to finish, no other restaurant makes you drool. I mean if you can't even eat let because the cook is making your food, you can drool at the jumblies that lay all around you. Hot and after hot after hot women are there for you to prey on.

One day...we ended up going to chilis because we wanted to eat, but we didn't want to go far because all we can think about is INITIAL D (quite possibly the greatest tv show or series ever assembled). On the way out ..we found this car in the parking garage......ON SALE !!!!!!!!!!!!

there's that ridiculous piece of crap and oh yeah..there's that civic.